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I have been doing a lot of cleaning lately. ~ I am so anxious for Spring to come. ~ Over the past couple of weeks, everything around me is looking dirty – dusty and useless.  Even our socks are getting out of control!  I HATE sorting socks!  HATE!   So, I have been going through […]

. . . spring . . . is it almost here?

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it seems as if this is all i have been doing lately. . . paint colors.  as many of you know, we just purchased a new building and are doing a “tad” bit of remodel to turn it into a beautiful studio space!!! well, for those of you whom know me, i tend to see things […]

everyone’s eyes tell a story. . .

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Oh, how I would love beautiful hair!  Soft hair, bouncy hair, fall-out-of-a-pony-tail-perfect hair!  Hair you want to run your hands through.  Hair you want to brush.  Hair that bounces when you walk.  So sad that I am now sharing such intimate details about myself – I want beautiful hair. Hair like Karson Suttons. I met […]

fall-out-of-a-pony-tail-perfect-hair . . .

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  Across the country, photographers and high school seniors (2011) are gearing up to take senior pictures.  Usually these juniors are getting their senior pictures in the spring and summer prior to their senior year, but in this small Montana town,  In this small Montana town, though, high school seniors ~ the ones graduating in 2010 are […]

senior season (Senior Pictures)