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What a celebration! One year is a big deal!  A big, big deal! I remember, 13 years ago, when I had my first child.  I was a young mom, but I was determined to do right by him – cloth diapers, fruits and vegetables first, always in my arms, NO SUGAR until he was one.  […]

Happy Birthday!!!

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Corn Starch Cocoa Baking Powder Oregano Thyme Cinnamon Black Pepper Ginger Lemon Pepper Ground Cloves Nutmeg Basil Cayenne Pepper Rosemary Leaves Bay Leaves Curry Powder Dry Mustard Poultry Seasoning   in case anyone was interested as to what spices I lost yesterday while practicing my new mothering techniques of allowing my children to spend time […]

Montana Spring

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Sometimes I lay in bed and dream that the phone is ringing.  I dream that the phone is ringing, and that when I go to answer it, I hear a sweet woman’s voice on the other end.  I hear her saying to me, “I am getting married.”  “I am getting married, and I want to […]

Montana Wedding Photography

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    Valentines Day just doesn’t seem to be the same without flowers.  So, if you didn’t get any flowers today, enjoy these ~ borrowed from a wonderfully sweet and beautiful wedding.  These incredible flowers were arranged by Wildwood Floral and were just perfect for this sweet bride.  Happy Valentines Day!  

Valentine’s Day Flowers (Montana Wedding Photography)

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  This past halloween, my oldest son wanted to have a party at our home, and because I want to be the coolest mom with the most “happenin’ ” house in town, I said, “Sure!   That sounds great!”  So, instead of having something so set in stone, we decided to have an open house, where […]

boys and their trucks (High School Senior Pictures)

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  Across the country, photographers and high school seniors (2011) are gearing up to take senior pictures.  Usually these juniors are getting their senior pictures in the spring and summer prior to their senior year, but in this small Montana town,  In this small Montana town, though, high school seniors ~ the ones graduating in 2010 are […]

senior season (Senior Pictures)

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Like in a fairytale, many women dream about that moment when their groom sees them walking down the aisle for the first time.  We as women long to be beautiful ~ to be sought after by the one we love ~ to be cherished and adored!  We want to them to stand in awe of […]

first look . . . (Colorado Wedding Photography)

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  Okay, if you must know, in almost every instance, when I am done photographing a subject, I rush home and download all of the images.  I must say, there are times wehn I am not able to look at them immediately, but for the most part, I am like a child in a candy […]

Winter Wonder {Montana Senior Photography}