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. . . the day i became and artist . . .

feeling unsettled today . . .

do you know that feeling . . . when something just doesn’t seem right?

maybe it’s because my mom just left (she has been helping me with the kids this summer . . .i wish we lived closer . . .)


maybe because after an intense “diet” week, I only lost exactly HALF the number of pounds my husband did . . . sad.

the kids are going back to school very soon . . .

i never seem to be caught up on all the bills . . . or the housework . . . i am always a day behind in our schedule. . .


i think i might be tired.


or maybe . . .

tomorrow. . . .

maybe its because tomorrow is the last wedding of the very busy summer wedding season . . .


even as i say it out loud, i realize that i have given it my all this summer – i didn’t share with anyone – with anything. . .


it may have even been selfish . . .


this summer creating came first.

like a drug . . . that i couldn’t get enough of . . .

it was like i had fallen in love . . .



patchwork photography  . . . and the artist came first.

this summer everything else got covered in dust while i went from wedding to wedding . . . from family to family . . . from sweet newborn to graduating senior . . .from one piece of art to another.


it’s hard to admit . . .

it may have been selfish.


i have friend – he is a painter.  he is a musician.  he has a way with words, and he is a thinker.

he is what I would call an artist.

i have never considered myself one.

yesterday, though, when i was visiting with a bride and groom about their wedding for next year, i asked them what it was that they saw in my photography that they liked.

the groom was first to respond with, “It’s like art.”

he said, “you capture emotions and details, but then the pictures look like they could hang on a wall.”


it was then that I realized, that thing that was driving me –

that idea that each couple was unique –

that idea that every woman is beautiful-

that idea that those first moments of a newborn’s life are a miracle-

that idea that everyone has a story to tell-

it was consuming me.


all that to say – I guess I am sad that it is coming to a close.

all that to say – i think i may have become,

what i never thought i would be,

an artist.






i think that what I appreciated most about that man’s comment yesterday, was that he understood that I wasn’t just posing people –

not taking pictures of models –

that the intent – the reason behind the image was not to make a perfect piece of art-

but the thing that makes me an artist, is the ability to capture the moment and show the beauty in it . . .

tell the story . . .



i don’t think i ever want to be an artist, a photographer, or person who doesn’t see the beauty in life . . .

who doesn’t see the need to smile

to laugh

to cry

to breath deep breaths

to sit in silence

to yell

to feel

. . . . to experience . .  .emotion. . .



Cole and Ashely were married on the local university campus. (a place where we do pictures often . . . )

They held their reception in the arena. (dark . . . need I say more?)

Quite frankly, I was a bit nervous about the day.

I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to see the beauty in their story.

There was no need for worries, though . . .

The minute I walked into the room and saw her preparing for her day. . .

saw her incredible dress . . .

saw them embrace for the first time . . .

watched them take their vows . . .

their first dance . . .

that passion that I have for love and beauty took over . . .

it was an AMAZING day.

I only showed such a small number of amazing images tell the story of their day, so if you want to  view a slideshow of Cole and Asheley’s amazing wedding day, CLICK HERE.

and then . . .

If you loved Asheley’s flowers, you should visit with Lindsay at Wildwood Floral.  She is amazing.

If you loved her decorations and centerpieces – head out into the wide open spaced and see what you can find!

If you loved her cake, you should definately check talk to Gaylene Reynolds.  It was so fun!

If you loved her dress, head on over to After 5 and Weddings.


And last but hopefully not least, if something I said today inspired you and your journey in finding the perfect wedding photographer, give me a call!