. . . the storm . . .

. . . between the black sky and the blue . . .

i love you.


Several years ago, I started this blog – I started it for the reason most other photographers start blogs- to share pictures.

I wanted a way to share my pictures with  my clients and with their families and friends.

What I found though, was that I really enjoyed sharing all parts of my life – not just pictures that I was creating for my clients . . .

There is something so amazing about vulnerability – sharing thoughts, questions, laughter, tears, with someone else . . . something so therapeutic about just “being” – with someone else.

Sharing connects.

Over time, though, this space – this very little space – turned into more of a place for sharing pictures . . . instead of sharing me.

I hope to change that –

As a mother of six very active children, I am learning that my time of quiet is pretty much nonexistent.  If I want or need quiet moments, I have to create them.

I have tried to create them at all hours of the day – while the kids are in school, while the kids are napping, in the car waiting for them to get out of practice . . . there is no time as special to me, though, as my very early mornings.


It is so very hard for me to get up early  . . . but it is really only in these very still moments, that I am able to think clearly, to pray, to hear God’s voice.


This week, I was having a very difficult time getting some pictures to my dear clients in Montana.  Jeff and Alexis were married at the beginning of September, and I have been so anxious to show them all of their amazing pictures . . . but I was having some technical difficulties in getting them into this great space of technology that I love so much . . . needless to say, I was struggling.  At the same time, we have had some personal difficulties as well – renters moved out of our house without telling us, had some unexpected bills show up in the mail, kid’s schedules conflicting,etc – LIFE WAS HAPPENING!


Much thanks to Jeff and Alexis, though.  My early mornings this past week were spent gazing over their pictures, and remembering what a sweet couple they are, and how wonderful their wedding day was.

To see a slideshow of the many great moments at Jeff and Alexis’ wedding, click here!




These two have such a sweet quiet connection, that I only pray will continue to grow stronger and become their center of love for years to come.  All day long, they shared their day with family and friends, but it was as if they were they only two people on the planet.



Their wedding day was full of perfect details.  The wedding ceremony and reception took place at Rock Creek Resort, in Red Lodge, Montana.  It was such a great setting, because all of the family and some friends could spend the weekend together – sharing in the love that Jeff and Alexis had for one another.  Alexis was so great about throwing in so many fun and unique details into her both her ceremony and reception.  In fact, I think think this sweet couple got to kiss each other three or four times during the ceremony!  “Alexis, you may now kiss your groom.”  “Jeff, you may now kiss your bride.”  “Jeff and Alexis, I am happy to announce that you are now husband and wife, you may now kiss one another”  And on it went!  It was fabulous.  Kissing, a popcorn bar, amazing desserts of plenty, FABULOUS music and dancing all made for a wonderful evening of celebration!


Venue:  Rock Creek Resort, Red Lodge, Montana

Wedding Coordinator:  Pat Clark, (Patricia Clark Weddings) Billings, Montana

Caterer:  Rock Creed Resort

Cake and Desserts: Dancing Oven Bakery, Billings, Montana

Hair and Make-up Stylist:  Appearance Plus Salon; Red Lodge, Montana

Wedding Dress Designer:  Maggie Sottero



The thing that I will remember forever about this particular wedding, was this moment –

This moment, right here, when the sky started to cloud over, and the rain came down – quickly.

It became dark and cold and wet very fast.



These two had just seen each other for the first time, and it began to rain.  My second shooter quickly grabbed them an umbrella – but it was as if they didn’t even know it had started raining.

They held the umbrella, but the weather didn’t seem to fade them . . . as they held one another close.

They kissed, and laughed, and talked.

It was an amazing moment



Fernando Ortega sang this moment best, in his song Storm.

Sometimes it takes a storm to really know the light

The scent of rain, the weight of clouds pulling down the sky

Sometimes it takes a storm to know how you feel

To understand indigo and the varnished sun lighting up the fields

It takes the rain between the lines to know what sorrow finds

The way a cloud divides sometimes, the clearing and the blue, I love you

I was just passing through and taken by surprise

Between the black sky and the blue

Between the black sky and the blue, I love you, I love you



In nasty weather, and in beautiful details . . . .

In good times, and in bad. . . .

in sickness and in health . . .

between the black skies and the blue . . .

I know Jeff will always whisper to Alexis, “I love you.” and she will whisper back . . . “I love you.”




To see a slideshow of the many great moments at Jeff and Alexis’ wedding, click here!



I will never forget this sweet wedding and how God used it to show me that even in the storm and struggle, He is there.

In financial hardship, in sickness, in scheduling conflicts . . . in the storm . . . He is there


Between the black sky and the blue, I love you.  I love you.