to dylan and grace ~ a little piece of home . . .

to dylan and grace,

i have been thinking about you so often these past few weeks.  as you know, i have been spending so much time at your mom’s shop – working, playing, enjoying the quiet, watching the commotion (depending on the time of day).  i have been thinking about how strange it is that i am here, and you are there – so close to my mom.  i have been thinking about how often, when we are here, a small part of us longs to be somewhere else, and when we are somewhere else, we can’t imagine calling any other place – home.  i have been thinking about how much fun you are both probably having enjoying life in the “city” – enjoying the sights, enjoying all there is to do, enjoying the experience.  i have been thinking about how you are there and i am here, painting my walls, hanging pictures on the walls for the first time, creating a place that i can call my own.  i have been thinking about how i hope you are doing the same thing – making campus your own.   i know that no matter where you are, you would never be able to forget this place, but i thought i would send you some images . . . of home.

simple sweetnessSimple Sweetness

and to everyone else:

those of you whom live here, know what a treasure we have in this little coffe shop known as the sweetwater.  even those people who are just passing through stop and recognize the sweetwater as a truly unique place.  as many of you know, martha stewart passed through our small town as she toured ted turners ranch last august.  she mentions dillon – specifically the sweetwater –  on her blog, but unfortunately the images that she displays are so limited, and they just don’t quite capture the heart of this place. 

simple sweetness

Simple Sweetnessthe sweetwater is a place that not only warms the body with its great food and hot coffee, but it is a place that allows and encourages great conversation and provides quiet corners for rest and thought.  and the many people whom have come and gone from this place will testify, that it is not a place that can be duplicated – in fact, i think the owner, sara, has created a place that captures not only her heart, but the heartbeat of our small Montana town – the beat of simplicity, creativity, individuality, and warmth.  

 so, please,  take a moment, and enjoy these images of a place that i have become so fond of. 

 if you live here in dillon, come in and enjoy some time of quiet or of relationship while sharing in coffee or a delicious salad.  Simple SweetnessSimple Sweetness

Simple Sweetness


…and if you are from out of town and are just passing through, make sure to stop and say hello, enjoy the art, and forget time while you savor the smells of brewing coffee and bread baking.


Simple Sweetness

Simple SweetnessSimple SweetnessSimple Sweetnesssimple sweetnessoh . . . and don’t forget to buy a cookie –simple sweetness simply scrumptious.