Valentines Day. . . Photobooth Fun!!!!



(or happy single awareness day . . . )

i remember a time when my valentines days’ were filled with stuffed teddy bears, red roses, boxes of chocolates and the latest mariah carey cd . . . pre -children valentines days . . .
i remember when valentines day was about me . . .
now days i am lucky to make it through the day . . . actually the day before
helping kids sign their names to dozens of cheap valentines cards or attaching candy with the glue that doesn’t stick
or better yet, trying not to burn myself with the hot glue gun as i help my more creative children handmake their valentines into ipods
its really all i can do to get up the will power to say no to the 50th piece of candy that is passed in front of me
valentines day is quite different with six kids and six dozen valentines to get out
today is a day . . . about them . . . i make it through the day, hoping that at the end my sweet husband will kiss me goodnight as i fall into bed

photobooth Are they not sooooo CUTE!

Last night we were so excited to set-up our “photobooth” for a fundraiser Valentines Dinner! 

We are so excited to be able to offer this to our brides and grooms for their receptions, and so to try it out at this dinner was SO MUCH FUN!!! 

I mean FABULOUS!  It was a kick to see everyone get involved with the props and give a little lovin’ to the sweetheart! 

These are some of my absolute favorites from the night!  Enjoy!

photobooth photobooth photobooth photobooth photobooth photoboothphotobooth photobooth 008 (Sheet 8)photobooth photobooth photobooth photobooth photobooth photobooth

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