waiting . . .

there are some images that capture something so beautiful that it is really hard for me to describe.  these are images that you look and they evoke an emotion or a feeling deep inside, and you just want to keep looking at it – soaking in every detail. 
this is one of those images to me. 
i have five children, and so i know that being pregnant was not the most becoming times of my life.  i think that because i knew that there was something amazing and beautiful inside of me, i felt beautiful, but it was not in a way that i thought would turn eyes or heads in my direction.  this image, though, will turn heads!  this image draws you into the tenderness of motherhood, the sexiness of a woman, the love between a mom and a dad ~ Patchwork Photography - Maternity



Here is a sneak peak at our time together, Greg and Olivia, I hope you enjoy them, and there are many more to come.  Talk to you in a couple of days!

Patchwork Photography - MaternityPatchwork Photography - MaternityPatchwork Photography -MaternityPatchwork Photography - MaternityIdaho Maternity Photography

Idaho Maternity Photography