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we are in the business of . . . capturing moments . . .


I got an e-mail from a bride yesterday looking for some information on our wedding photography services.  There were two things that made this e-mail stand out from the rest.  These two things told me that this bride knew what she was looking for . . .and she was hoping we were it.

Question:  What is your favorite thing about our photography?

Answer:  “how everything looks genuine and natural.”

Question:  Do you have anything else you would like us to know?

Answer:  “We are looking for a photographer that will be able to capture the “real” us… I hope to get my pictures back and be suprized by the images and details caught that I didn’t even know happened, its all about the little things! Can’t wait to hear back from you!!”

I immediately called her – so excited that yes indeed, I did believe we could be a perfect match.  She had it just right.  It’s about capturing the moments . .

the genuine,

the little,

the funny,

the big,

the emotional,

the awful,

the natural,

the all-too-familiar,

the beautiful,

the passionate,

the everlasting . . .




As many of you know, we have been busy.  Over the past month or so, our”photography seasons” have overlapped a little.  There have been some late weddings, early engagements, and families prepping for Christmas.

We have been so busy taking pictures, that it has been a little bit difficult for me to keep on our sharing them with everyone.

You see, being with people – LOVE!

Resizing and uploading pictures – NOT SO MUCH.

Creating and capturing wonderful moments – LOVE!

Computer work and monotonous jobs – NOT SO MUCH.

Writing and sharing – LOVE!

Managing 6 kids schedules and laundry – NOT SO MUCH.


Here we are, though . . .

finally to a point where I can reflect and share some of the amazing stories of love, and laugher, and friendship, and faithfulness that I have witnessed this past month.

I hope you enjoy.

Meet Casey and Kate.


Kate, like this other inquiring bride, was desperate to find a photographer who captured all of those special wedding day moments.  She told me, “I am looking for a photographer that will capture the day as it happens. I am worried that I won’t be able to take in every moment as it happens and that’s why photography is so important to me. I want to be able to look back on pictures and remember that day as if I were there.”


(Don’t forget, after you have had a chance to look through this sneak peek . . . click here to view a slideshow of ALL their engagement pictures!)



We first met Casey and Kate at another wedding!  Over the years, we have been introduced to this wonderful circle of friends . . . . we have had the amazing honor to be a part of so many of their weddings . . . . and we are super-excited to be a part of theirs as well.

I hope, one day, that my children will find themselves surrounded by their friends on their wedding day.

It has been so fun to see each of their personalities, as individuals, and as couples, come out in their wedding planning and in our times together.

Getting to know Casey and Kate has been a joy.  They are both so kind – so comfortable with one another – laid back, and Casey always seemed to know just the thing to make Kate laugh.


One thing that I loved about our time together is that, because they were both so comfortable with one another, they didn’t ever seem  to mind sharing their special moments with me.  There were so many times, where I felt like I was watching a movie, reading a romance novel, or I was actually this little tiny bug too small to take notice of.  It was if it was just the two of them . . .sharing life together.



I know that I should really stop talking and just let you enjoy this sweet couple, but I have to tell you one more thing.

I once read these books, Wild at Heart and Captivating by John and Staci Eldredge.  These books talk about how every man and every woman, in the center of their hearts, are all looking for the same things.

They argue that every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.

They argue that every woman has dreams of being rescued by her prince, of being swept into a great adventure, and knowing that she is the beauty.

I had forgotten about these books that I read so long ago.

I had forgotten  . . . until I was looking through these series of images.


Just look at Casey!



He is the man!

All on his own, he knows it.

Look at him look at Kate – like he has to have her . . . he will fight for her . . . he will care for her . . . he will woo her into a great adventure . . .


(Look how much fun they are having!!!!)


And Kate.

Look at her.

Waiting for him.



Longing to be a part of something greater . . . excited to go a journey.



She is captivated.





Don’t forget!  If you want to see a slideshow of all their engagement pictures, click here! Congratulations Casey and Kate!  Congratulations!