What could be more classy than an apple martini?


I have been so excited to post the images from this incredible wedding!  In fact, I think you will be able to tell that I was just in love with all the amazing details that this sweet bride put into her wedding day, because I may have gotten a bit carried away when I was choosing images to share with you.  I just felt like every tiny thing was so perfectly planned to suite this couple that I couldn’t leave one thing out. 

If you can remember back to when I first met this couple, I was at that time so intrigued by their story.  They were the salty and sweet couple.  The couple that lived in the same town, and yet attended different schools.  They took their holidays to the same vacation spot, yet they stayed on opposite sides of the lake.  This young man loves karaoke and she . . . fairytales.  They came together.  They fell in love.  They married, and I  . . . yes, I, had the sweet pleasure of watching them as they said, “Ido.”  I watched as they were giddy with excitement, and I watched as they laughed and kissed and ate pizza and danced.  I watched as they rode the trolley around their hometown, toasted their friends, danced the chicken dance, and kissed as the sun set. 

As you look through these images, I think you will feel as if you were there – as if you know the bride and groom.  You will, I’m sure, fall in love with Kelsey as you see images of her eating pizza in her Maggie Sottero wedding gown and sticking out her tongue as she tosses her bouquet.  I am absolutely positive, too, that you will believe that Kelsey’s true love fairytale has come true when you see the way Casey looks at her under the apple tree or the way he embraces her on the motercycle.  As you look through these images of their wedding day, you will, as I did,  fall in love with them – with their story. 

I feel so honored that you are here.

I feel so honored to be the one to share with you.

Congratulations Casey and Kelsey Kelly.

Montana Wedding Photography

Montana Wedding Photography

This incredible dress is part of the Maggie Sottero Collection.  When I first saw it hanging there in the dressing room, I must admit, I was surprised at its simple beauty. 

And, when Kelsey stepped into it, and the flowers were added, I was shocked at how it looked as if it were made for Kelsey – and Kelsey only. 

Note to Brides:  when choosing a dress, find one that you LOVE!  Find one that you can move in, dance in, kiss your sweet husband in.  Find a dress that you can’t live without.  Find a dress that was made – made just for you.

Montana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding Photography

Montana Wedding PhotographyOne thing that was particularily lovely about this wedding, was that this bride and groom were planners!  They knew the importance of good lighting, time, and preparation when it came to their wedding pictures!  Often times I encourage my couples to have a “first look” time before the wedding ceremony.  This is a time, when they see each other for the first time, share some words, and then create of window of opportunity for some really great pictures to happen.  There are times, though, when the fairytale just doesn’t seem quite right when a groom sees the bride before she walks down the aisle. 

Casey and Kelsey really wanted to wait to see one another until the actual ceremony. 

They weren’t willing to skimp on picture time, though, so they provided some great appetizers and good music for their guests, rented a trolley, and toured uptown Butte with their wedding party.  They wanted to have some time to be together  before their party and get some great pictures of the two them and their friends.  What a blast I had!  We were able to go to some great locations, and we had so much fun. 

I must say, though, that I was quite suprised when we stopped to pose on a motorcycle; when we stopped to ride the carousel; and when we stopped to grab some pizza’s.  Actually, I was down right blown away as I watched Kelsey eat her pizza while riding the trolley.  I would have NEVER made it without spilling.  She was my hero that day.Montana Wedding Photography

Montana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyAnd oh, the reception. 

The reception was made when elegance and class collided with beauty and simplicity. 

A room lit by old fashioned canning jars tied with ribbons and hung from the ceiling, apple filled vases, and a cheese table. 

Everywhere you looked there were flowers.  Everywhere you looked there were beautiful people carrying their apple martini’s. 

Simple.  Elegant.  Classy.  Beautiful.  Nothing but fabulous.  Montana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding Photography

There was an amazing spread of cheeses that I have never heard of, and fruit from all over the world – all put together by the Butte Country Club and the cake by the Uptown Cafe

It was so delicious.  It was so much fun.

Note to Brides:  When planning your reception, think of the things you love.  Kelsey loved cheese. 

When planning your reception, think about things that you think are beautiful. 

Apples.  Flowers.  Ribbons.

Cheese.  Tea.  Grass.

What things make you smile?  Put all the things you love in one room.  Smile.

Roses.  Daisey’s.  Apple Martini’s.


Montana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding PhotographyMontana Wedding Photography

Montana Wedding Photography

What an amazing day. 

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Kelly.  Thank you.

I am so excited to hear what you think about this wedding.  Be sure to leave you comments below!


  1. Tiffany says:

    Love all the little details you captured. Beautiful job!

  2. Andrea says:

    Beautiful images – you captured their day just perfectly – great job!

  3. Jenny says:

    SO SO beautiful…you did a fantastic job!! What a fun wedding!!

  4. Tammy says:

    Beautiful images, I have so many favorites! The last one though, is just breathtaking. Excellent work!

  5. Crystal says:

    BEAUTIFUL wedding and such a fabulous couple! I love their story!
    Awesome job!!

  6. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful bride. I love these, they will treasure them dearly.

  7. Wow! great pics! I love all the detail shots and the portraits.

  8. Catherine says:

    Wow and wow! These are just incredible. You really captured every little detail perfectly! I bet the bride and groom are so thrilled!

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    Wow, girl! You rocked this session! Gorgeous images! I love the series of the little ring bearer falling down. Priceless!

  11. CrystalL says:

    Lovely! Beautiful images, such a creative couple!

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    No wonder you couldn’t wait to post these pictures! WOW!! What a great story you captured. Love the emotion and beauty of the day. Beautiful work):

  13. stacy says:

    Beautiful wedding! What fun decor and amazing colors! Photographs tell a gorgeous story – nice job!!!

  14. Jen S says:

    What a beautiful wedding! Nice work!

  15. Christy F says:

    You have perfectly captured this cute couple and their memorable life moment. I love the outdoor portraits the best!

  16. Monica says:

    Gorgeous shots!

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    What beautiful images! You did an amazing job!!

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    awesome job! i just love weddings.

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    Amazing work! Looks like such a fun wedding! Love the stained glass shot. 🙂

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    Beautiful images. I love all of the details… great job!

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    You did an amazing job and everything is so beautiful!
    You have such an eye for details.!!!

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    These are stunning! Fantastic job, and congrats to the (beautiful) couple!

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    I loved all the beautiful settings!! This was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. Nice job and great imagination!!!

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