All I Want Is You



A look can say a thousand things. You know it’s true. I know that you have given and received them. I’ve given many a look in my day and I expect the recipient to interpret my meaning when they get “the look.”


There’s the look that says, “Do not mess with me right now. I am not in the mood.”


The one my kids know well that says, “Don’t even think about snatching a bite of dinner right before I set it on the table for everyone.”


There are a few looks only Stefan would be able to interpret.


The “Please deal with her right now…I just don’t have the energy.”
The falling asleep, “It’s just not gonna happen tonight” look.
The flirtatious “What are you gonna give me if I win?” challenge.


We had the opportunity to photograph an old friend’s wedding <link to preview blog?> and in the downtime after the rehearsal and before the big day, Stefan and I got some time sans kids to look into each other’s eyes and have a conversation. Let me repeat that, we got to have a real conversation. A grown-up conversation. He even took time to comment on the art on the wall at the restaurant we were at! (I don’t think he’s EVER commented on art on a wall before.) We were free to take it slow, to breathe each other in, and to gaze deeply into one another’s eyes.


Have you been there in that moment? You want nothing in the world except your man and you see in his eyes that all he wants is you?

This was the look in Aaron’s eyes as his gorgeous bride walked down that long aisle to him as two friends in the bridal party sang out the words to one of his favorite songs: “All I want is you.”


I want you to wake up next to me every day…forever.


I want you to give me goofy smirks and cackle at my jokes.



I want you to travel with me on each rocky road we turn down.

I want you to lean on.


I want you. You only. All I want …. is you.




Gentlemen, take a moment to look at your lover that way today.


Ladies, when you find the man who looks at you that way, hang on to him. I am hanging onto mine.


To see more of their wedding day story, view their website by clicking HERE.



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