The Christmas season is here.

It came way, way too fast!

It is the end of another year, and a time when we all begin to reflect on how the year has gone.

Mine has gone so so so fast!  Moments have passed too quickly.  Weeks are gone before I know it, and now a new year is almost here.  I am excited to spend the next couple of weeks breathing.

We will be heading to spend time with family, and my kids are anxious to look me in the face instead of talking to the back of my head as I edit photos and respond to e-mails.  There was a time in my life when I thought I deserved the mom of the year award – not this year!  I have said “just a minute” far too much, and I am anxious to resolve that in the future.  As I reflect on this past year, there are things I am so excited to do differently!

We all have times of reflection and lots of times we think about things that we would like to change.  I DO THAT OFTEN!!!  On the other hand, though, this year has been so exciting for me!  I have met so many fabulous people, and I have learned so so much.  I have been so blessed by my clients, and I have learned to see beauty in so many different ways.  When I look over these pictures from the past year, I am blown away by the stories of love and friendship, of heartache, of mercy, of passion and intimacy, of new blessings, and of kindness.  So many incredible stories have been stitched together with pictures this year, and I am amazed.

Every year, at Christmas time, we have a contest.  A contest created in the spirit of giving.  I wanted to find a way to give back to my clients for allowing me to be a part of their stories, and this seemed to be the best.  This year we opened up nominations for the “best of” contest to our Facebook Fans – from there a handful of my trusted friends and fellow photographers looked at the portraits from this year, and we narrowed it down (painfully) to 20.  Now it is up to you.

This year, like last, we had so many great sessions, so we will hold two contests – TWO WINNERS  – one for best of weddings, and one for best of moments (families, maternity, seniors, babies, etc.)  There will be one winner in each category.  The contest will end December 23, and we will announce the winner Christmas Day!  Each winner will receive a 16 x20 gallery wrap of their favorite image.    So, now, here is part one.  THE BEST OF MOMENTS. It is time for YOU to choose YOUR favorite!

Again, the WINNER of the competition will receive a free 16×20 canvas of THEIR favorite photo from their session!  YEAH!

You may choose a favorite image from best of moments AND best of weddings!  Just make sure you say which category you are voting for — Best of Moments or Best of Weddings.

For example:

I choose #3 in best ogf moments and #6 for best of weddings!!

You vote by clicking HERE:  “contact us” OR sending me an e-mail ( with the number of your favorite picture inside.   Remember :   Just make sure you say which category you are voting for — Best of Moments or Best of Weddings.   We will tally up the votes, and declare a winner, on Christmas!     So, tell all your family and friends to get to voting, and GOOD LUCK.  Now, let’s look!

































































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