Best of Weddings – 2011

. . . best of 2011 . . .

Every year, at Christmas time, we have a contest.  A contest created in the spirit of giving.  I wanted to find a way to give back to my clients for allowing me to be a part of their stories, and this seemed to be the best.  This year we opened up nominations for the “best of” contest to our Facebook Fans – from there a handful of my trusted friends and fellow photographers looked at the portraits from this year, and we narrowed it down (painfully) to 20.  Now it is up to you.

This year, like last, we had so many great sessions, so we will hold two contests – TWO WINNERS  – one for best of weddings, and one for best of moments (families, maternity, seniors, babies, etc.)  There will be one winner in each category.  The contest will end December 23, and we will announce the winner Christmas Day!  Each winner will receive a 16 x20 gallery wrap of their favorite image.    It is time for YOU to choose YOUR favorite!

Again, the WINNER of the competition will receive a free 16×20 canvas of THEIR favorite photo from their session!  YEAH!

You may choose a favorite image from best of moments AND best of weddings!  Just make sure you say which category you are voting for — Best of Moments or Best of Weddings.

For example:

I choose #3 in best ogf moments and #6 for best of weddings!!

You vote by clicking HERE:  “contact us” OR sending me an e-mail ( with the number of your favorite picture inside.   Remember :   Just make sure you say which category you are voting for — Best of Moments or Best of Weddings.   We will tally up the votes, and declare a winner, on Christmas!     So, tell all your family and friends to get to voting, and GOOD LUCK.  Now, let’s look!

Best of Weddings 2011































































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  1. Crystal Gordon says:

    Have to vote for #9 for best of weddings. Your work is amazing ad ever…but I’m a little partial to this couple! 😉

  2. I vote for #10.

    Great Photos!

  3. christina says:

    Can I vote more than once? For wedding images I’d have to say #1 because It’s such a poignant image and plus Emily’s my friend. : )

    …but I also LOVE #2, #17 and #20.

  4. Bailey Ferris says:

    I vote for #4!!!

  5. Only 1. I will accept your vote for number 1. 🙂

  6. Jordan Ferris says:

    I vote for #4 for Weddings!!!

  7. Karley says:

    I vote number 17! I love the brick and lights!

  8. kayla green says:

    Number 19!

  9. Leena says:

    #17…your work is amazing!!

  10. Aaron Brown says:

    number 2 best wedding

  11. Megan says:

    I vote for #17!

  12. Kimi says:

    I pick NUMBER 15!!!! So cool and pretty 🙂 obviously the best!!!

  13. Laurie Edwards says:

    Love number 17, it is absolutley beutiful.

  14. Amy Cook says:

    Love Love Love #17!

  15. Becky says:

    I love all of the nominations this year. They are all so much fun. I really like number 17. Thst’s my vote. The brick is outstanding. Number 20 is a beautiful landscape view.

  16. Jean says:

    I vote for number 17. I loved their wedding. All images are beautiful.

  17. Rick Edwards says:

    My vote goes to #17. BEAUTIFUL picture.

  18. Jennifer Briggs says:

    I vote #16 for Best of Weddings. I love them all, you do great work!

  19. Laurie Edwards says:

    My vote goes to #17. Great work patchwork photography.

    Love love this picture.

  20. Belle says:

    I vote for #17. Awesome picture.

  21. Laurie Edwards says:

    #17 wins my vote.

  22. Amy Cook says:

    I vote for #17.
    It’s beautiful.

  23. Patti Rafish says:

    # 17 wins my vote.

  24. Shirley Mandic says:

    I vote for #17.

  25. Ashley Mandic says:

    #17 Wins my vote.

    Nice pictures Patchwork.

  26. Gary Mandic says:

    Patchwork you do beautiful work.

    My vote goes to #17.

  27. William says:

    My vote goes to #17. Very pretty pictures. But 17 wins my vote.

  28. Kathy Adair says:

    My vote goes to #17. What a beautifu picture, and such a beautiful wedding.

  29. Dave says:

    #17 wins my vote, what a beautiful wedding and Patchwork captured it all. Nice work. It’s a wedding we will remember for a long time.

  30. Terry says:

    Beautiful pictures, but I have to vote for #17.

    What a beautiful wedding. Such a great couple with an amzaing love story. Congrats again Ashley and Josh.

  31. Karley Edwards says:

    I vote for #17. Such a great wedding.

  32. Kim says:

    I vote for 17, looks like it should be in a magazine!

  33. Frank Sholey says:

    I vote for # 17. Awesome picture.

  34. Courtney Edwards says:

    My vote goes to #17. Love you guys.

  35. Kerry says:

    I vote for #17, love this picture.

  36. Kevin says:

    I vote for #17.

  37. Gram & Grampa Andrene says:

    We vote for #17. Beautiful.

  38. Gram & Grampa Andrene says:

    #17 wins, our beuatiful grand daughter and Grandson.

  39. Rachel says:

    I vote for #17, beautiful!!!

  40. I vote for #1 for best engagement and #20 for best wedding. All look great though.

  41. Ashley says:

    I pick number 17!

  42. William says:

    I vote for #17.

  43. Darcy says:

    Every picture is beautiful. I love this context, every year has been so fun to vote. I like picture number 17. The dresses are beautiful and so is the background.

  44. Billie says:

    #17 wins my vote. Nice pictures.

  45. Kim says:

    I vote for #17. Beautiful picture.

  46. Nicole says:

    Can we vote for more than one? It’s hard to choose.
    I pick #17 first
    #20 second
    #14 third

  47. Craig Zimpel says:

    I vote for # 17 its the most awsome picture…

  48. Julia says:

    picture number 17 is my vote!

  49. Dave Neill says:


  50. Julie J says:

    I vote for #17. It’s such a great picture!!!!

  51. Julie says:

    My vote is for 17. Love that picture!!!

  52. Karen Faulkner says:

    Just love the picture of Jeremy and Kayla-photo 15. They such a cute couple!

  53. KJ Schretenthaler says:

    I vote for #17.

  54. Layne says:

    WOW #17 is beautiful. That’s our pick. Great pictures Patchwork.

  55. Taylor says:

    WE love #17. They all look like movie stars, way to capture the perfect day. Congratulations to the beautiful couple and their parents.

  56. Josh says:

    My vote is for #17!

  57. Susan Winkler says:

    I vote for #20 of Best of Weddings

  58. jean Zimpel says:

    pic 17 is the most awsome…

  59. Whitney Zimpel says:

    Picture 17 is super cute!

  60. Joan says:

    My vote is #17. Great picture and great pictures all of them

  61. Colleen Safratowich says:

    I vote for Picture #15 from Best of Weddings of 2011. I just love that photo of Jeremy & Kayla. It is a great picture! What a wonderful memory for them to have some of their wedding photos on the fire truck. Awesome!!

  62. Lorr Safratowich says:

    I would like to vote for Best of Wedding #15, Jeremy and Kayla. The photo of the two of them and the fire engine is a culmination of Jeremy’s two greatest’s hopes and dreams in life at this moment and were so beautifully captured in this photo. A great shot and why I think it is the Best of Wedding.

  63. Ellie Safratowich says:

    My grandson and his new bride were so handsome and beautiful in this shot, #15, the one I think is the Best of Wedding. He always wanted to be a fireman and that he was able to get this picture with his beautiful new bride in the firetruck is so precious. I just love it. It is how I vote.

  64. Greg and Angie says:

    We vote for number 17, beautiful wedding. Congratulations Ashley and Josh!! Laurie had so much fun planning your wedding, it was beautiful.

  65. Terri Ewan says:

    I love Jeremy and Kayla wedding picture with the firetruck. so very cool and beautiful Patchwork is so clever

  66. Dave Ewan says:

    my vote of for picture #15 Jeremy and Kayla – beautiful

  67. Lynnette says:

    Great pictures but we have to pick #17. It looks like it belongs on a billboard ad. What a beautiful wedding party!!!

  68. Eileen Andrene says:

    love all picture’s I’m voting for #17

  69. Grampa Bob Andrene says:

    I really like your pictures Ashley & Josh I Vote For # 17

  70. Brian and Shannon says:

    17 is the best wedding picture hands down. The others are pretty but 17 is amazing.

  71. Marjorie Terheyden says:

    I vote for #7 for best of weddings.

  72. Melissa Lacey-Smyth says:

    I vote for #17..beautiful picture. Congrats Ash and Josh Wold

  73. Jessica McGee says:

    Number 17 has my vote

  74. Amber says:

    #17 is my fav!

  75. Ann says:

    Yay for picture 16 and 17! Love them both they are so great!

  76. Chad says:

    Number 15!!!!!

  77. Shannon says:

    # 15 is the most creative by far!!!!

  78. Jen h says:

    # 15 love you Flo!

  79. Bobby says:

    I vote for #17 best wedding picture not to mention the best wedding this year. Congrats again Josh and Ashley.

  80. Laurie says:

    I vote for #16 for best engagement picture.

  81. Jamie Zimpel says:

    Of course I think # 17 is the best !!

  82. yvonne zimpel says:

    I vote for Ashley and Josh wold for best moments. #19

  83. Keeley Floreen says:


  84. I love #17 — super sweet.

  85. Tony Dallaserra says:

    #17 is the best wedding picture. They are all nice, but I have to go with #17. Nice work Patchwork.

  86. Lindsay says:

    I think #13 is beautiful!!! that is my vote

  87. Mary Kaye says:

    I vote for #17! Really great picture!!

  88. Amber Sloan says:

    #6 & #8… love them! Arizona? New Mexico? reminds me of home!

  89. Brenda says:

    I vote for #15….I LOVE this picture!!!!!!!

  90. Don says:

    My vote for best wedding goes to #17. What a beautiful picture! Josh and Ashley Wold you are a good looking couple!

  91. Melissa says:

    My vote goes to best wedding pictures #17. Very, very pretty!

  92. Bev Redmond says:

    I vote for #15. Beautiful picture of my granddaughter and her new husband!

  93. Cynthia Redmond says:

    I vote for #15!!!!! Beautiful!!

  94. courtney edwatds says:


  95. Geri Faulkner says:

    What a wonderful picture of a beautful couple I knew you would be in this contest because it was such a beatiful wedding. Best of weddings #15

  96. Al Faulkner says:

    Wishing both of you the best in the contest who could go wrong with picture on a fire truck Best of Weddings #15

  97. Joe Floreen says:

    #15 gets my vote

  98. Pat Redmond says:

    Best of Weddings #15 is my vote.

  99. Dave Ewan says:

    my vote is for picture #15

  100. David and Jenny says:

    #17 wins best wedding photo. What a beautiful picture and what a great wedding. Congrats again to the bride and groom!!!

  101. Sally says:

    #17 wins best wedding.

  102. S says:

    I pick number 17 as the best wedding picture of the year. I was a great wedding. Ash, your mom and I had so much fun decorating. Can we have a repeat in 2012? 😉

  103. Pete says:

    Number 17 is the best wedding photo of the year. Sorry I wan’t there…beautiful wedding party.

  104. Shirley says:

    #16 Best engagement picture of the year. Congratulations!

  105. Holly says:

    Even though my own picture is number 3, I have to vote for number 15 of Jeremy and Kayla. When you asked for nominations for this contest this is the picture I thought of! Love them both and LOVE that pic!

  106. Brandon Loeffler says:

    I vote forn#17 best wedding of the year. Congrats Ashley and Josh!!!

  107. YVONNE says:

    #17 best wedding picture ever.

  108. I am voting for #17 super couple and wedding.

  109. Marlene says:

    Love the pictures. My vote is for #16. Congratulations Casey and Kate!

  110. Diana Weisgram says:

    I vote for #14. Really love this picture.

  111. Tayler Liebel says:

    My vote goes to #15 for best of weddings!!! 🙂

  112. Ryan says:

    Great work patchwork photography. I vote for #17 wedding. I also like the landscape of #20.

  113. steve says:

    I vote for wedding picture #17.

  114. Katy says:

    Wow, beautiful images. I enjoy your work year after year. I vote for the group wedding picture 17 this year. Great work.

  115. Chris says:

    Beautiful images. I love all the landscape views and big group wedding pictures. I vote for picture 17, best wedding photo. I love the background. What a fun picture.

  116. Amanda says:

    Picture 17 best wedding.

  117. Alysha says:

    I vote for number 17. Best picture.

  118. Karen says:

    #17 wins my vote. BEAUTIFUL WEDDING PARTY. LOVE LOVE 17

  119. MIKEY says:

    #17 wins my vote .. congratulations.

  120. Dale & Linda says:

    #17 wins my vote. Beautiful wedding.

  121. Sarah says:

    I vote for #17

  122. Mark says:

    Congrats Ash and Josh I vote for #17

  123. Mark says:

    #17 is our favorite wedding picture. We had a great time.

  124. Tom says:

    #17 wins my vote. Pretty pictures

  125. Melissa E says:

    We vote for 17 best wedding picture. You do amazing work!

  126. Toby & Shelly says:

    Hard to pick just one but we are somewhat partial to #17. Best wedding picture!

  127. Flint says:

    17 wins our vote! Like all of them but 17 wins!

  128. Connie says:

    I love 17 best wedding so beautiful!!

  129. Diana says:

    Beautiful #17 wins my vote. Nice job Patchwork.

  130. Dean says:

    Wow great pictures, I pick #17 for best wedding and I pick #16 for best moment/engagement pictures. Really pretty pictures.

  131. Cori says:

    I love picture 17. The way the purple pops out with the brick in the background. Great picture!

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