key to a long marriage . . .


Several weeks ago, I was visiting with a couple whom have been married for 44 years.  They seemed to really enjoy one another, and so I asked them. . . “Tell me, sir, what is the key to being married for fourty-four years?” 

“What?” he asked???

I spoke a little louder this time.  “I want to know the key to being married for 44 years, so I can go home and tell MY husband.”

“Oh,”  he said, “that’s easy – have six kids so he can’t afford a divorce.”

I smiled. . . . and thought to myself . . . “Fabulous.  Just fabulous.”

I would like, now, to introduce you my guarantee  (my guarantee to have at least 44 years of marriage ). . . baby Engle #6 ~ coming in October.

 Baby Engle #6