Weddings and Portraits

I remember meeting Katherine and Deshawn at an open house for the Windmill Winery almost a year ago, and what I loved the most about them was the entourage of friends and family that were following them around.  They had brought so many people with them to be involved in tasting cake, meeting florists and […]

Lake House at the Windmill

January 31, 2019

Dear Brian and Amanda, Happy 4th Anniversary! We often tell our clients that pictures, to us, are our “return ticket” to those moments that would otherwise be quickly forgotten as time and new memories fight for space in our brain.  This morning when I was reminded that today was your anniversary, I wanted to look […]


January 17, 2019

I am so excited to share this wedding with you.  Not even two years ago, I met this amazing family for the wedding of Blake and Ashley.  This extraordinary group of people have such a great love for people, are extremely devoted to their family and friends, and really know how to laugh and throw […]

Anthony and Jamie at The Gather Estate

January 10, 2019

From the moment she walked into the room, until I stepped out out of their going away limo, with complete and overwhelming love, this groom held the gaze of his bride for the entire night.  This wedding day was a cup overflowing with forever friendships, supportive families, beauty abounding, and divine love.  What a blessing […]

Love at Villa Siena

December 5, 2018

The sun was out and the colors were amazing, but that is not what made this couple so incredibly beautiful!  Their quick wit and great conversation, along with their kind words to one another and their heartfelt laughter, made Ken and Arianne a dream couple to spend the morning with.  In Portland, you never quite […]

Fall in Portland . . .

November 20, 2018

Sometimes you meet people and you don’t ever want to say goodbye to them because they make you feel so good about life.  This couple was that couple.  Cassandra has a smile that lights up every room she walks in, and Dan keeps everyone around him laughing.  Together they make everyone around them feel happy […]

Windmill Winery Wedding

October 12, 2018

Happy Wedding Day to Steve and Stacy!

Isn’t the desert beautiful!

September 28, 2018

This was such a fun, sweet, love-filled day!  It was a day filled with laughter, kiddos, family hugs, and AMAZING pizza!  The Gather Estate is such a beautiful venue that creates such an intimate space for family and friends to celebrate.  It truly was a special day! Ceremony and Reception Venue:  The Gather Estate Caterer:  […]

Arizona Wedding at Gather Estate

September 27, 2018