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Congratulations to Joe and Holly Glennon!!!! ~ I loved you since the very first day When I caught you looking my way I smiled and just knew it     And up until you came along No one ever heard my song Now it’s climbing with a bullet It’s nice to have someone so honestly […]

. . . without you . . .

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sometimes i like to pretend i can do it all that it isn’t ever too much i think i tell myself that lie . . . and believe it until it is too much until i can’t do it all don’t get me wrong, i am superwoman . . . i can wash dishes and […]

. . . changing seasons . . .

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hard to believe a year has gone by already! This sweet baby, Jaxon, just turned one!!! A one-year old birthday party just isn’t the same without a proper cake smash, though! Happy Birthday Jaxon!  Hope you enjoyed your cake!     Here at Patchwork Photography, we LOVE birthdays!  and we expecially love ONE-YEAR CAKE SMASHES!!! […]

. . . one year cake smash . . .

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  If you will remember, Jeremy and Kaya are married today, because once – a long time a go – the Broncos lost to the Raiders.  You can read their engagement story here.  So fun. ~   As a photographer, I get many opportunities to be with the bride and the groom before the actual […]

.. . .all because the Broncos lost . . .

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What a celebration! One year is a big deal!  A big, big deal! I remember, 13 years ago, when I had my first child.  I was a young mom, but I was determined to do right by him – cloth diapers, fruits and vegetables first, always in my arms, NO SUGAR until he was one.  […]

Happy Birthday!!!

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all weddings are emotional all kinds of emotions joy, sadness, worry, hope, laughter, and tears all weddings have an order beginning and end walking and dancing all weddings carry beauty necklace clasps, chocolate drizzle, lace, color, baby’s breath, sparkling eyes all weddings are the same . . . except . . . they’re not Meet […]

generations of love and marriage. . .

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This blog post is long overdue.  Long, long overdue. This wedding is one that I have been dying to show all of you. This wedding is one that I have been waiting and waiting to share . . . Once upon a time, a young woman came to visit me about sharing her wedding day […]

little church on the hill . . .

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“I will hire you—on one condition . . . you may not DATE my daughter!”  These are the words Mr. Stordahl of Triple S Building Center spoke to T.J. when he thought he might give him a job at his lumberyard.  You and I both know that when a story starts out like that . […]

shots of tequila . . .