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~ these past few days have been days of reflection for me.  I have said it so many times here, that I can’t believe how fast time seems to go!  It seems like just yesterday that my dear friends were asking me to take pictures at their wedding – my first wedding. at the same […]

. . . an irish wedding blessing . . .

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    A look can say a thousand things. You know it’s true. I know that you have given and received them. I’ve given many a look in my day and I expect the recipient to interpret my meaning when they get “the look.”   There’s the look that says, “Do not mess with me […]

All I Want Is You

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~ Zebra stripes and turquoise. Wedding details. Family ranch. Beautiful hideaway for ceremony. Plans. Dreams. Did I say ZEBRA STRIPES?   ~ Oh!  How excited I am to introduce you to Ben and Cassie! Oh! How excited I am for their wedding next summer! Kind.  Caring.  Helpful.  Comfortable. It was so lovely to be with […]

. . . she said “yes” . . .

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sometimes i like to pretend i can do it all that it isn’t ever too much i think i tell myself that lie . . . and believe it until it is too much until i can’t do it all don’t get me wrong, i am superwoman . . . i can wash dishes and […]

. . . changing seasons . . .

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~   ERIC AND CARLIE :  our website . . . make sure to come check it out! ~ ampersand. & ampersand. ~ I don’t even think I knew the that this symbol, &, had a name. ~ ~ ampersand. From now until forever, though, whenever I see this word . . . whenever I […]

. . . ampersand . . .and . . .together . . . us. . .

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~ these past weeks, i have been reminded how fast life seems to go – from my past clients. many of you may know, but i fell in love with photography through my love of people. starting with my own children, moving into other families, until friends that love and trusted me pulled me into […]

. . . a match made in Heaven . . .

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  08.15.2011  Emily Beck   ~   ~   When I get a bad case of nostalgia or severe boredom, I start digging through my mother’s closet and looking at her old photo albums. There are pictures of her young adult life, my brother’s and my early childhood and of course, the occasional naked baby […]

. . . stories . . . that last.

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traveling.  traveling.  traveling. ~ this is my summer! ~ and let me tell you, I AM LOVING IT!!! ~ california.  oregon.  all over montana. i love it! ~ in case you didn’t know already, i love wedding season. i mean i love it! ~ while on my last trip, someone asked me what it was […]

. . . love in Montana . . .