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~ life is full of moments. ~ last week the weather was beautiful. the light was beautiful. i grabbed a couple of my kiddos and we went to “sno shack” – we picked out eight (one for each of us . . . ) flavors we had never tried. . . flavors like poisonberry and […]

. . . coming and going . . .

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I’m back. I think. I want to be back. I think. I can’t even tell you how many calls and emails I have received over the past few months. Calls of deep concern. Calls wondering if I had died. I haven’t. I haven’t died, but there have been so many changes in my life these […]

something new . . .

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hard to admit, but it must be said ~ i have not mastered the art of juggling i think with the birth of each child, i have lost more and more of my brains cells (actually, i think they are being replaced by fat cells) with the birth of baby #6, i feel completely disorientated. […]

. . . haven’t quite learned to juggle . . .

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senior pictures    . . . my husband has my senior picture in his wallet.  i have this cutsie hat on, and my hand is posed by my chin so that you can see the promise ring he gave me.  he also has one of he and i at prom – i am in this skimpy […]

Montana Senior Photography . . .

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Oh, how I would love beautiful hair!  Soft hair, bouncy hair, fall-out-of-a-pony-tail-perfect hair!  Hair you want to run your hands through.  Hair you want to brush.  Hair that bounces when you walk.  So sad that I am now sharing such intimate details about myself – I want beautiful hair. Hair like Karson Suttons. I met […]

fall-out-of-a-pony-tail-perfect-hair . . .

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    There are always a couple of seniors that wait – wait until the very last minute possible – wait until their mothers are dragging them in – wait until graduation announcements need to be sent – wait to have their senior pictures take until the last moment possible.  This sweet boy was one […]

Down to the Wire

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Corn Starch Cocoa Baking Powder Oregano Thyme Cinnamon Black Pepper Ginger Lemon Pepper Ground Cloves Nutmeg Basil Cayenne Pepper Rosemary Leaves Bay Leaves Curry Powder Dry Mustard Poultry Seasoning   in case anyone was interested as to what spices I lost yesterday while practicing my new mothering techniques of allowing my children to spend time […]

Montana Spring

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  This past halloween, my oldest son wanted to have a party at our home, and because I want to be the coolest mom with the most “happenin’ ” house in town, I said, “Sure!   That sounds great!”  So, instead of having something so set in stone, we decided to have an open house, where […]

boys and their trucks (High School Senior Pictures)